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Facilitation Centre Fee for Filling up of Various Forms

1. New Passport for 10 Years 1.000
New Passport in lieu of expired passport
(New Passport and extension of the old passport for visa validity purpose only)
1B. New Passport With Change Of Name (Major) 1.500
1C. Passport For New Born Baby 1.500
1D. New Passport With Change Of Name (Minor) 1.500
1E. New Passport In lieu of Damage/Lost Passport 2.500
2. Miscellaneous Services:  
Change Of Address 0.500
Police Clearance Certificate 0.500
Birth Certificate 0.500
Change Of Address 0.500
Non-Resident Indian Certificate 0.500
Non-Resident Indian Status Certificate 1.000
No-Objection Certificate 1.000
2A. Addition of Spouse’s Name  
Addition of Husband’s Name 1.250
Addition of Wife’s Name 1.000
Affidavit for Recent Photograph
5. Affidavit for Sponsorship 0.500
6. Certificate for Marriage 1.500
7. Specimen Affidavit
(for getting passport/renewal of minor in India)
--If one parent present in Kuwait 0.500
--If both parents present in Kuwait 1.000
8. Affidavit for Life Certificate 0.500
9. Affidavit for Transfer of Residence Rule 0.500
11. Affidavit for Emergency Leave 0.500
13. Intimation of Death of an Indian National Gratis
14. Certificate for Driving License(company) 1.500
Certificate for Driving License(Domestic) 2.000
15. Relationship Certificate 1.500
15A. Correction of name Certificate 1.500
15B. Non-Relationship Affidavit 0.500
  Bilingual Non-Relationship Certificate 1.500

Optional Services available in Facilitation Centre
(i) Photo copy service 0.050
(ii) Whats app Web printing 0.100
(iii) E-migrate Registration 5.000