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ADVISORY for all category of Nursing staff seeking employment in Kuwait

  1. Obtain Emigration Clearance from Protector of Emigrants (PoE) Office in their respective State in India. DO NOT travel without this mandatory clearance.
  2. Recruitment of all category of Nursing staff should be done only through registered Indian Recruiting Agencies (https://emigrate.gov.in/ext/raList.action).
  3. DO NOT fall for the wrong advice of illegal recruitment agencies/agents both in India and Kuwait.
  4. DO NOT travel through third Country destinations (other Country Airports) on their Tourist Visa to enter Kuwait for employment without obtaining Emigration Clearance.
  5. Qualified Nurses (B.Sc Degree, GNM, Diploma Nurses, ANM etc.) should NOT travel on Domestic Worker Visa (Article 20) which is illegal as per Government of India and Kuwait Government Laws.
  6.   All NURSES should accept/travel only on Article-18 (Private Sector Employment) Visa.
  7. As per Kuwaiti Laws, “HOME NURSES/CARE TAKERS” shall be recruited only on Article-18 (Private Sector Employment) Visa and NOT on Article-20 (Domestic Sector Employment) Visa.
  8. Nurses recruited for Private Sector Work/Home Care Nurses should NOT deposit their Nursing Certificates     with Employer.
  9. All categories of Nursing staff may please note that their Nursing Certificates should be got verified in India       before leaving for Kuwait. They are specifically advised to refuse/NOT to deposit their original Certificates with Private Hospitals/Agencies in Kuwait. It has come to the notice of the Embassy that many     Hospitals/Agencies are confiscating Certificates of Nurses and denying them fair working conditions/     release/transfer.
  10. As per Kuwait local laws, Article-20 Visa for Domestic Workers CANNOT be transferred to Article-18/ Private Sector Visa after arrival in Kuwait, as wrongly being informed by illegal agents.
  11. Working/staying in Kuwait on wrong category Visa is a violation of Kuwaiti Visa norms.
  12. For attention of Nursing staff being locally recruited in Kuwait (transfer form Family/dependent Visa to Employment Visa etc.):
      • Insist on a Written Contract attested by Kuwait MoH (attestation by Embassy of India is also desirable to safeguard your interests).
      • Ensure that Hospital/Clinic has valid MoH License, MoH/PAM Quota for your employment.
      • A valid Nursing License issued by Kuwait MoH is mandatory for employment in any Nursing job in Kuwait (including as Assistant Nurses, etc.). Accepting a Nursing related job without this License may invite penal action from Kuwaiti authorities including deportation and jail.