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Gandhi Quiz - Week 7

To mark 150th Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, the Embassy of India Kuwait conducts online Quiz based on the life of Mahatma. The weekly quiz will have 10 questions every week. Participate in the quiz every week and winner may get exciting gifts.

  • 1. This online Quiz Contest is being organized by the Embassy of India.
  • 2. This Contest intends to create awareness about the life and ideology of Mahatma Gandhi.
  • 3. Mahatma Gandhi Quiz opened from 2.10.2018 till 2.10.2019
  • 4. All residents of Kuwait are eligible to participate in the quiz competition.
  • 5. For each correct answer, Contestants will get points only once. The first answer to each question by a Contestant will be considered for evaluation of marks.
  • 6. The decision taken by the Organizing Team with regard to scores and accuracy of answers will be final. All Contestants must have to accept the final decision of the Organizing Team. Organizing Team reserves the right to allow/disallow contestants into the competition.
  • 7. The Organizing Team reserves the right to amend or add or tweak or abolish any rule relating to the Contest, as and when required.
  • 8. Winners will be informed via email.
Question No: 1
What was Gandhiji’s first priority for the progress of the nation?

Question No: 2
Whom did Gandhiji declare his successor and tell ‘Although I want to live for 125 years, but you are comparatively younger. That is why I named you my successor.”

Question No: 3
“I have ventured to place before India the ancient law of self-sacrifice”, said Gandhiji. What was he referring to?

Question No: 4
Which of the following according to Gandhiji, is an essential principle of Satyagraha?

Question No: 5
Which of the following expressions Gandhiji ultimately found more accurate?

Question No: 6
Who according to Gandhiji, are best suited to impart sex education to children?

Question No: 7
Gandhiji was against widowhood imposed by religion or custom. What reason did he give for it?

Question No: 8
Which one of the following did Gandhiji regard as an essential pre-requisite for a good public worker?

Question No: 9
Which of the following observations on industrialism was made by Gandhiji?

Question No: 10
According to Gandhiji where is the real India?

Question No: 11
Which education system was advocated by Gandhiji for the country?

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